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Merrie Greenfield

Merrie Greenfield originally hails from New York, where she nursed a life-long love of performance and comedy. She earned her BFA in Theatre Acting and Directing, and was appointed the first female artistic director of one of America's oldest continuously-performing college sketch comedy troupes.

After performing short-form improv (often under duress), she avoided formally studying and performing improv until she found the Torch after returning to Arizona a few years ago.

What's included in the course

  • Ensemble Support
  • Patterns
  • Advanced Editing
  • Group Scenework
  • Position Play
  • Openings

About the course

Continuing with the concepts of Level I this class will build on the idea of working as an ensemble to create a cohesive group mind. The class will focus on discovering themes and patterns that will strengthen the performance. Students will learn to make strong choices at the top of the scene that will develop strong character wants and create emotionally rich relationships that will give them confidence on stage.

Semester runs eight weeks and is followed by a student performance at The Torch Theatre or online.

  • "I learned many new tools and ideas."
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